Sunday, November 14, 2004

Keeping it Clean

So there I am last night on stage to a sold out crowd...As emcee its my job to "warm up" the room, seduce the audience into my world and out of their own. But... there is a catch; last night "KEEP IT CLEAN!!" is whispered into my ear as I am about to enter the spotlight. This is like telling a five year old after eating a candy apple to sit still...its like a man in his midlife crisis driving his porche ALONE being told to do the speed limit. Its like that big bag of one bite brownies on the third day of ovulation sitting there on the counter....begging for you to just dig in!....
I am scrambling in my head...whats another word for "cocksucker"? me out people...fellatio inhaler?
penis mouther? Some how ..."A camel toed cougar on a college cock"...just doesn't sound the same without the word cock...the inflections of it break , the poetry is lost, the rhythm GONE! So what did I do???...I went full tilt "ME" (I had typed in dirty...but as I re-read this post I realized...I don't think so much that I am dirty, as I am "ME"...
And I have to tell you...the "dirtier" or more "ME" I got the... louder the crowd.
The whole night rocked!
I love my life!! *sigh*

*note...after doing a spell check ...interestingly enough..."cocksucker" comes up as a spelling error but there is not another spelling suggestion for it. Fellatio however is the correct spelling for "felatio" as I had originally spelled it that is funny!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Blogging... What is it all about?

Well I guess this makes me a blogger in the world of blogging...Is Blog an anagram , aneurysm, or whatever the word is for another word?...Blog? (I'll think about this one for a while) Who are the Bloggers of the world? Can you become Blogged out? Is there a self help group for Bloginism? Do Bloggers become Bloggets? So many questions as I Blog along.
I am starting to feel Bloggers Block ....