Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its Not the Size that Counts

Ok Ok... so I am finally blogging again! I've been Busy, what can I say?
I did two shows this weekend out in the Falls, with a small crowd on Friday and a sold out show on Saturday and I have to say I had more fun Friday than Saturday. I had some horse face, mid life crisis, can't lose that last 70lbs bitch right in the front Satuday. Clutching her burberry purse and gasping at my consupicent behavior. What??? Don't you FUCK!! lady?...haven't you ever looked at your asshole in the mirror? *sigh* oh well, her husband loved me!!
And so did the 72 year old Birthday girl that kept grabbing her ever so cute grandson by the neck with her cane. My friends Bill and Shannon were also on the show, they have a room in Hamilton @ Slaintes....they are AWESOME and if you want to be treated well , do this room!! or at least come out and support it.
I am back to Toronto tonight, hosting the show at the Fox and the Fiddle. Jason Blanchard, who runs the room is out west on a tour and having great success! Big crowds or bathroom stalls, its all about the connection you make when you walk on that stage and lift up your skirt....nothing else matters!

I love my life!