Thursday, September 07, 2006

September's Soul

And so it is apparent that summer is coming to an end...There are zillion birds in my back yard, leaves spewed across my deck, the smell of cow shit in the air, the school buses barging up my road and this slight melancholy that crawls inside me, reminding me of all I did not do this summer. Wow ! is this ever depressing!!
Hell... I climbed the Rockies. ate warm Brie on crackers, chugged Grasshopper beer, smoked cigarettes in a Legion, saw Mountain Sheep on the side of the Road. I sipped italian coffee with an Artist, saw a fringe play with a golf pro...Danced with a midget (little person)...whatever!
I bought a yoga mat, painted my bedroom purple, fell in love, and out and in and out and...

I have had a magical summer