Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

But the Photographer is worth a million more...
Its been a week since the photo shoot, but I can still feel the flashes when I close my eyes. There is nothing more magic then to be in the presence of a soul who is truly living their purpose. I wondered why he met me first, and talked nothing about the pictures. I wondered why he never for a moment asked what I wanted in the pictures. I wondered why he was so highly recommended. I wonder no more.
In two hours I felt like a child, a woman, a girl. I felt safe and alive, taunted, and exposed. I felt my soul mingle outside of myself, and let down its guard. I am so very curious to see exactly how he captured me. The way he would peek out from behind his camera and so intently edge me on. This MAN...all MAN! with the primal instinct to soften a woman. God I sound like a fucking harliquin romance writer. But FUCK !! it was amazing! I would say it was like artistic intercourse. If you EVER want to completely lose yourself in a moment.. get your pictures done by this MAN!