Friday, March 07, 2008

S. A. D.


I think I am SAD! crawled outta bed today around 11am...only because the phone rang, and rang. and rang!! I thought it was Monday, I thought it was 6pm.
I browsed through, looked out the window and crawled back in bed.
I just want the sun, I just want some GOOD news, I just want to fall back into that blissful, bike riding, bountifull feeling.
I know it's not just not me, I got a call from a girlfirend that wanted to put rocks in her pockets and walk out into the river behind her
house, but the ice is frozen 18" thick...gasing herself came up, but her house runs on electric. hanging? basement, and she said she could touch the ceiling,
oh well...
Even my children are needing my attention these days. I walked with my daughter yesterday , in the wet snow and talked about ...NOTHING!
I can't even mother my children, it took every part of my strength to tie one boot, I just let the lace of the other one dangle along, hoping I'd trip and
smash my face off the curb, but there aren't any curbs, they are covered in mountains of snow!
I came home and made Jasmine was $100 a lb...Oprah told me to get it!! I guess its good, it taste like perfume.
But, I keep drinking it, sitting there with my stack of self help books and cough syrup (nite time relief) I take it in the morning to keep me feeling
night time ish.
I don't have a cold.
The book? Oprah told me to get it...she said it would change my life.
"How to heal your life" Louise L Hays..."If you want to heal your life then you are the one who must change it"
I can't even change the toilet paper roll!
The book is now a coaster for my chocolate pudding cup.
The spoon is in the couch with my socks and the remote.
I guess I could have a shower, but that would require me walking downstairs to the laundry room to get a towel...I just don't have the strength.
I've been watching the same channel , can't find the remote...its gotta be in the couch!
Why does it have to be stuck on the biography channel?
Today we have the life and times of Anna Nicole, Judy Garland and Munroe...oh this should be a real pick- me- upper!
anways...I just want some sun, some melting, some blossoms!
anyone else feeling out of sorts?